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Cloud to the Edge computing

Cloud solutions that make your IT infrastructure resources more Flexible, Faster time to business response, Scale-up and Cost effective.

Whether your company needs a private Cloud, public Cloud, or hybrid Cloud, Reliance has the experience and expertise to provide your company the smartest Cloud technology solution or even help you manage one of your currently Cloud.

Public Cloud is cost-effective way to deploy the benefits that come from cloud computing, along with the benefits of unlimited scalability. It does not offer the exclusivity that you would find from a private or hybrid options, but in many cases that’s perfectly acceptable.

Private Cloud within your company within your own network, your own firewall sounds more rely and secure but maintaining by your own IT operation.

Hybrid cloud solution is a seamlessly integrated both private and public cloud to perform distinct functions within your organization. By this solution, you can exercise both public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, and critical apps and data on a private cloud for when you require it.