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Datacenter Facilities & Cabling Services

Full offerings entire lifecycle of data center management, innovations design, development, installation, service management and compliance.

Operating data center is a complex work and requires a team with specialist knowledge and expertise. Maintaining resources with the necessary skill set would be expensive and time consuming. Hiring the wrong people can put your mission critical work at risk as poor management can lead to increased business risk, increased operational cost and inefficient use of capacity. Outsourcing some of your facilities management can gain access to a team of experienced and professionals with all elements of data center operations. This approach will leads you to reduced business risk, increased operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Reliance comprehends working in data center poses challenges and problems not seen during a new build project. We skill to improve legacy facilities and expertly manage client data center, while maintaining uptime, increasing efficiencies with as little impact on the client organisation as possible. Our team are adept at the careful planning and preparation that is a necessary part of working on an existing data center and our holistic approach ensures that no issues impact a day to day running of your mission critical facility. Whether Future-tech is engaged to renovation a facility or to fully manage your data center, the end result is a fully optimised, highly efficient, facility capable of fulfilling business needs today and tomorrow.